Cat Toy Mouse Electrical, White Mouse Toy for Cats

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Cat Toy Mouse Electrical, White Mouse Toy for Cats, USB charging, electrical pet toy for dogs and cats, cats like to chasing mouce, funny pet toys.

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Cat Toy Mouse Electrical, White Mouse Toy for Cats

Main Features

USB Charging

This electronic cat toy mouse uses USB charging, which takes about 90 minutes to charge once, with an average usage time of 60 minutes. The red light on indicates charging is in progress, and it will automatically turn off after charging.

360 Degree Rotation

Mouse toys can rotate and jump 360 degrees, attracting cats to chase, providing them with greater activity, promoting digestion, maintaining physical health, and also bringing more fun.

Control by APP

Download an app, use your phone remote control the electronic mouse, freely adjust the direction, get battery information, save your physical energy.

Replaceable Plush Tail

The packaging comes with two plush tails, one gray and one black, which can be easily replaced with different colors to attract the cat’s attention.

Need to Know

1. The product is not waterproof, please use it in a clean and dry environment.
2. This product do not have automatic power off mode. Please play with the cat in the presence of an adult for 15 minutes, which is most suitable to avoid sports injuries.

3. When using this toy for the first time, please use up the battery before charging. Helps to protect battery life. When the mouse slows down or becomes unable to run, it is a phenomenon of low battery power.

4. Please use the original USB charging cable when charging. If abnormal charging occurs due to the use of other charging cables in this product, it is not a product quality issue.

5. When the cat toy mouse slows down or becomes unable to run, it is a phenomenon of low battery power. Please charge it in a timely manner.

6. If the mouse is not used for a long time, please fully charge and store it in a clean and dry place. 2-3 months of charging is necessary to protect the battery life.

7. Important information contained in this packaging and instruction manual must be retained.
8. The content (including color and specifications) may differ from the packaging image.

9. Please remove all labels, straps, and packaging before handing over this product to a pet cat for use.


Can dogs play this electric mouse?

Yes, if your dog is not a large dog. The size of the toy mouse is more suitable for small and medium-sized pets.

How long does it take to charge electricity once?

Generally, charging 90 minutes, work time 60 minutes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
I like that it’s rechargeable.

I have bought a thousand different cat toys. Apart from the very simple cat dancer (literally a piece of cardboard on a wire), this is the only thing that she actually plays with. And she loves it. She’ll chase and hunt this little thing until it goes to sleep. I like that it’s rechargeable.


Our cat is a very mature sophisticated Siamese who does not play toys. We purchased this little USB mouse with the glowing tail. He follows this thing around for the whole hour, until the charge dies. It works like a Roomba Vac. It bounces off walls, flips over, to get out of trouble. One minute it's in my living room and the next minute its all the way in the dining room three rooms over. It goes very fast.

Joe L
My dog loves it

My dog loves it. Keeps her attention and she always gets frustrated when the timer runs out.

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Cat toyCat Toy Mouse Electrical, White Mouse Toy for Cats
Original price was: $58.99.Current price is: $49.99.
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