Cat Toy with Light and Sound, Cat’s Football Funny Toys


Cat Toy with Light, Cat’s Funny Toys, 360 degree Rotation, electrical cat toy for fun, attracts cats attention, paly with cat.

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Cat Toy with Light, Cat’s Football Funny Toys, 360 degree Rotation

Main Features

Powered by Battery

This cat toy with light is powered by three batteries (not included), no worries about charing frequently.

Red Laser Light

The cat toy football comes with a red laser with a range of 200 meters, which trains cats’ sensory, and adds so much fun.

Bird Sound Off/On

Cat toys with bird sound can visually attract cats’ attention and interest. The sound can be switched on or off at will.

Train Cats’ Hearing and Vision

The light and sound that cats come into contact with during the game can train their sensory abilities, allowing them to have sharper vision and hearing.

Healthy Lifestyle

More exercise is beneficial for cats to consume, maintain physical health, and be full of vitality.


Can dogs play this electric football?

Yes, if your dog is not a large dog. The size of the toy football is more suitable for small and medium-sized pets.

What will happen to it when encountering obstacles?

This cat toy will slow down and take a detour, then continue on, no need to worry about hurting the cat.

Will it like this cat toy with light?

Cats are naturally interested in dynamic objects, just like small mice, arouse their capture nature, so cats will chase. The laser, dynamic small tail, and bird sound in this toy can successfully attract the attention of cats, and thoes are irresistible to cats.

Why need to get toys for pets?

Avoid Depression. Sudden changes in the environment, lack of companionship, and frequent abuse can all lead to depression in cats. Allowing cats to play can not only solve their problem of insufficient exercise, relieve tension, but also communicate with them during the game and strengthen their emotions. Spend more than 30 minutes playing with cats everyday.

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Cat Toy with LightCat Toy with Light and Sound, Cat’s Football Funny Toys
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