cat scratching board
cat scratching board
cat scratcher
cat scratching board
cat scratchers

Cat Scratchers, Z Shape Cat Board for Scratching


Cat Scratchers, Pet Scratching Pad, Z Shape Cat Board for Scratching, Cat’s paw play board, Several shpes to choose for different needs.

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Cat Scratchers, Cat Board for Scratching


  • Smooth edges and corners

Cats can play freely without worrying about being scratched by corners, when this Cat Scratch Boards rubbing and rolling on the ground by your cat, it will not scratch the carpet or floor. So theres no need to worry about usage safety issues.

  • Sufficiently rough panel

A good cat scratch board mainly depends on the roughness of the panel. The panel needs to be rough enough to grind the cat’s claws and meet its needs, so that it no longer damages the furniture.

  • Thickened wooden board

The thickened wooden raw materials can make the cat scratch board more durable and less prone to cracking or falling apart.

  • Simple and fun appearance

The cat scratch board comes with some holes, making cats more interested in it and using it as a daily toy to climb and play with grinding claws, achieving multifunctional purposes.

  • Made by corrugated paper

Cat Scratchers are made by bonding corrugated paper layer by layer with glue. High density and strong pressure resistance, cats are resistant to scratching and biting.

Why need Cat Scratchers?

  1. Cats grinding their claws is not just about keeping their claws sharp, but more often it is an emotional expression. Release emotions by grinding your paws, such as when you’re particularly happy playing, and running to the cat scratch board and frantically scratching around for a while.
  2. Prevent cats from scratching other furniture.

How to choose a scratch board for cat?


Choose a cat scratch board with a concave shape or a house style, the debris won’t fall off everywhere, and it can also be a nest for cats.

        2. Material

Recycled paper, washed, bleached, and disinfected during processing, results in a very strong smell of cat scratch boards, with brown and black mottled colors. The paper fibers are particularly thick and can easily break into pieces with just a gentle scratch. So, good cat scratch boards must be corrugated paper, resistant to scratching and biting.

        3. Density

Corrugated paper has serveral types, with high density and strong compression resistance. Corrugated paper board could resistant to scratches and bites, and the higher the density, the heavier the cat scratch board, and the higher the cost.

How to teach your cat to use a scratch board?

If cats are used to scratching furniture at home, they won’t have much interest in the litter version. Therefore, the owner should first prevent the cat from scratching furniture such as sofas and mattresses at home, and can also spray odors they do not like on these furniture, such as orange scent, balm essence, etc. If the cat still wants to scratch the sofa or other furniture, it needs to be immediately stopped and severely criticized. Over time, cats will become accustomed to using cat scratch boards.


Will this cat boardsuddenly fall apart while playing?

Usually not, this cat scratch board uses thickened wooden boards, which are very sturdy and durable. Under normal circumstances, it will not easily fall apart or break.

Is the cat scratch board heavy?

Usually around 3-6 pounds.

Will cats play? What if they don’t?

Every cat needs to sharpen its claws. If a cat does not play with a cat scratch board and prefers to damage furniture, appropriate methods can be used to guide it.

How to teach my cat to play cat scratch board?

There are several methods.

  1. Attract with catnip.
  2. Change the placement of the cat scratch board.
  3. Prevent cats from scratching other furniture.

More details in blog.

Do I need to buy multiple cat scratch boards?

Generally speaking, cats like attractive things. Cat scratch boards don’t need many, as long as they are fun enough to attract cats and they like them.

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