Big Pet Stroller Cart
Big Pet Stroller Cart
Big Pet Stroller Cart

Big Pet Stroller Cart Outside, Multiple Pets Traveling


Big Pet Stroller Cart Outside, Multiple Pets Traveling, Could bear a weight of 66pounds, enough for several dogs and cats.

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Product: Big Pet Stroller Cart Outside, Multiple Pets Traveling


Detachable and foldable

This big pet stroller cart can separate the carriages. Not only meets the requirements of pushing the dog out, but also allows to remove the carriage of the dog cart. The frame can quickly folde.

Breathable skylight

Two skylights with multiple air vents in the front and back allow the dog to easily breathe fresh air. It is also convenient for dog owners to observe the movement of their pets, and opening the ventilation windows for feeding and interaction.

Omni-directional wheel pet stroller

The big pet stroller adopts EVA material universal rotating wheels, which are resistant with good elasticity. It can easily rotate freely to control direction, making it safer and more comfortable.

High density fabric

Pet cart is made of high-density Oxford fabric and linen fabric, which is thick and wear-resistant, comfortable and breathable, also windproof and waterproof. It can also prevent cats or dogs from scratching the carriage.

High strength thickened frame

The big pet stroller cart is made of thickened aluminum alloy material, with a scientific structure that does not overturn, good load-bearing performance, and with brakes, making pet travel safer and more convenient.


How much does the big pet stroller cart bear? Is it suitable for my pet?

The weight bearing of the pet cart is specified in the product description. However, before purchasing, it is necessary to measure the length of the pet’s nose to tail. And the pet’s body length should be less than the length of the bottom of the box. If the pet is overweight, chose a larger size to give the pet enough room for movement.

Is this big pet stroller cart easy to fall apart or fall off wheels?

Normally, the frame will not fall apart or the wheels will not fall off. If there are quality problems for non human factors, repaire is free.

Is the frame sturdy enough?

Sure, thickened aluminum alloy material, with a stable and sturdy structure. If there are any issues with the bracket within one year from the date of purchase, it can be guaranteed.

Can I fold the big pet stroller into a car?

Yes, it can easily folde and place in the car, making it easy for pets to travel.


Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 8 × 33 in

Grey, Blue, Black, Green

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
I would say go for it

This is a great first doggie stroller. Things to know: it's low to the ground; I found it annoying not to have a bar to hold onto (if the hand bars were adjustable I may have felt differently); I did end up getting a different stroller bc I wanted it to be bigger. My dog is around 8.5lbs, mini dachshund/mini chihuahua, and fits fine. I was able to get my other dog, 20lbs terrier/bulldog, in it with her when I needed to but I wouldn't do it on a regular. In the end, if this is what you can afford and you're still on the fence about getting one for your dog (I always said I would never be that dog mom, lol), I would say go for it. If you can spend a little more, I would look for one with better wheels so the ride is a little smoother for your fur baby.

Dear, maybe this is more suitable for your appetite, hand bars are adjustable,


This is extremely well-made and I cannot find anything I dislike about it. That is rare for me because I'm very picky.
I have tried a lot of these pet strollers and frankly this has to be the nicest one that I've tried. First of all it does come with directions but I didn't even need to consult them to put it together. All you have to do is snap the wheels in place and put the carrier on the stroller and you're ready to go. Everything was so intuitive that it was self-explanatory.
The stroller is extremely sturdy and well built. A lot of times when I see these pet strollers they look nice in the picture, but then when you get them I feel like it's a toy quality. This stroller is in my opinion the same quality as an infant stroller. The wheels have metal connectors that are sturdy. I like that it has a larger back wheel. On the back there is a brake you can activate with your foot easily.


good stroller for cats or dogs. i use it for my ragdoll and small dogs interchangeably


Amazing extra large dog stroller, I have an elderly dog that suffers from joint pain and he barely can walk anymore, he used to be a walk in the park lover, since I got this stroller we been able to go out and take a stroll and he's been really happy and enjoys the ride so much.


Everything about this dog carrier/stroller is perfect! Most importantly it is tall enough for our Dogs. It is well-made, lightweight, and easy to latch and unlatch. Love how you can lower one half of the carrier top to let your dog lookout too. Highly recommend!

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