How to Walk Dog – Avoid Deadly Ways

How to walk a dog? What are some harmful ways to walk a dog? Deadly ways to walk a dog.

Do not let the dog eat before walking

Do not let the dog eat before walking. If it is necessary to walk the dog after eating, at least two hours should be allowed. Dogs follow the habits of wolves, going out to hunt, then foraging, and finally eating; And after eating, they will rest by taking a nap or taking a nap. Since ancient times, this has always been the case. After dogs integrate into human society, walking them first and then feeding them can effectively simulate their habits and ensure their safety.

The digestive tract of a dog is very short, and it will work synchronously from the beginning of eating. If the dog goes out for a walk immediately after eating, it can lead to indigestion, vomiting, and other conditions in mild cases. In severe cases, it can suddenly cause acute gastric torsion/flipping, with a high mortality rate.

Be sure to use a leash

A leash is a safety rope, which can ensure the safety of the dog and avoid conflicts between pet owners and others。

Whether your dog is obedient or not, you must use a leash. The traction rope is the most intuitive and fast item that we can manage, control, and constrain the behavior of dogs outdoors. If your dog has excellent obedience, you can use a chest and back traction rope. Conversely, it is recommended to use a collar, at least to provide a reminder when the dog is not obedient. P-chain is recommended to be used under the guidance of a professional, as improper use can have an impact on the dog’s throat.

Walking the dog for at least 30 minutes

Large dogs for at least 45 minutes, and only letting the dog go out and defecate at least once a day is the biggest insult to the dog!

Walking a dog can solve most behavioral problems. Modern family pets often played the role of working dogs in the past, with most of them having high energy. Adequate walking time can not only meet the daily social needs of dogs, but also consume their energy. If a person does not have sufficient energy, they can find an open field to play ball or frisbee with their dog to consume their energy.

Allow the dog to fully smell, explore, and mark

When walking the dog, allow the dog to fully smell, explore, and mark, and do not arbitrarily interrupt the dog’s sniffing behavior.

It is normal for dogs to sniff, explore, and mark things outdoors. The human mind may think that certain things are dirty, but for dogs, constantly sniffing is like constantly browsing their social media. The process of exploration is the process of people clicking on the other person’s homepage in WX. If your dog still leaves a trace of urine in this position, then your dog is very interested in the source of this smell, Liked and commented, leaving contact information.

Do not overly worry about them being bullied

When encountering other dogs while walking, please do not overly worry about them being bullied. Dogs need to socialize and are eager to socialize.

Many pet owners of small dogs often pick up or leave the dog immediately when they encounter a large dog while walking. Small dogs themselves are not confident, but they also crave social interaction. Over time, owners become increasingly afraid of dealing with large dogs, leading to “social phobia” – using barking to boost their courage and confidence, and using teeth and hair to make themselves look stronger. Large dogs have strong inclusiveness and can be guided by a leash to greet each other and encourage social interaction.

Wear dog diapers during estrus

Dogs during estrus need to wear physiological pants .

A male dog does not actively engage in estrus, and only becomes estrous after encountering a female dog during the estrus period. If the owner of a mother dog is worried that the dog will be taken for a walk, they can wear physiological pants for the dog to avoid unexpected situations. If the male genitalia has already entered the female dog’s body, please do not stop it at will. Due to the special reproductive structure, the mating time will be 30-60 minutes. If the male genitalia is forcibly separated, it will tear the female dog’s reproductive tract and uterus, and the male genitalia will break.

Avoid high temperature periods

Avoid high temperature periods during summer dog walking and do insect repellent measures.

Choosing to walk the dog in the morning and evening is more suitable for higher temperatures in summer. Before walking the dog, it is necessary to make sufficient preparations. If possible, you can bring a water bowl or bottle to help the dog replenish water in a timely manner. Dogs have underdeveloped heat dissipation organs and can only rely on their tongue and feet for heat dissipation. Walking the dog during high temperature periods can lead to a very high mortality rate from heatstroke in dogs.

Not to let it climb stairs

Try not to let it climb stairs climb mountains, jump, or even stand, to avoid wear and tear on the joints of the skeleton and marrow

All dogs are vertebrate reptiles that walk on four legs at the same time, and the pressure is distributed on the bones, medullary bones, and soles of the feet. If dogs are left to move on only two feet for a long time or at high frequencies, it can lead to excessive joint pressure. The joints and medullary joints have a lifespan, and long-term climbing, standing, and jumping can cause irreversible damage to the joints, leading to paralysis in severe cases.

Do not let it run or exercise vigorously for a short time. 

If you want to play or interact, please gradually control the frequency.

If your dog doesn’t have enough exercise time or rarely runs vigorously, please don’t let them run or exercise vigorously just because you are emotionally excited or happy enough. After intense exercise, don’t immediately feed or water your dog’s muscles, as sudden excessive exercise can also cause discomfort and spasms.

Do not drive or ride your dog for a walk. 

Do not consider it a hassle free method and the impact on the dog’s joints is irreversible.

Many dog owners, in order to save time or if they own large dogs, are well aware that their dog’s energy needs to be released, but they are older or do not have much time in their daily lives. There have been cases of electric vehicles, bicycles, and even driving dogs for a walk. Due to the high speed and the constant pulling of the traction rope, dogs try to change their frequency of movement in order to keep up with the rhythm of transportation, which can cause extremely high pressure on joints in the long term.

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