How to shave for pet with skin disease?

How to shave pet --- dog cat with skin disease or knots

How to shave pet with skin disease

Pet razors should not stick to the skin, pets should not be shaved into bare skin, hair should be kept 1 centimeter long to protect hair follicles, and it can also prevent skin scratches during regular play.

Shave in the direction of hair growth rather than in the opposite direction. Reverse shaving can damage hair follicles, leading to slow hair growth and remaining bald.

Pet fur knots and adhesions

When some hair is severely knotted, dental scissors can be used to trim and comb slowly with a pet fur comb. Large knots can be directly cut off with a straight shear, or they can be more natural with a thin shear. For knots on the inner side of the pet body, the upper covering can be directly removed to fully expose the knots. Then, comb them open, not in the same direction, but by moving the comb radially to open the knots.

Removing knots with a knot cutter will cut off the fur, resulting in a significant loss of hair, incomplete hair, and incomplete overall fur. If you need to leave hair for styling, try to use a comb to open the knots to avoid trimming too much hair.

How to shave pet with pet clippers

Not all skin diseases are suitable for shaving. If it is caused by endocrine or allergic skin diseases, shaving not only has no benefits for treatment, but also reduces the skin’s defense ability and increases the probability of inducing infections.


Knotting and shaving are not good for pets themselves. I recommend comb pet’s hair and bathe regularly, reduce the occurrence of hair knots. Maybe a nice pet vacuum and grooming kit would help, Neakasa P2 pet grooming vacuum for grooming, comb, dry and clean furs as well. It will not hurt your dog, comb and clean furs with strong suction together, comb cat or dogs with no furs flies at home. It can also dry your pet after shower, and pet really enjoy combing with a pet vacuum.


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