Better to keep a dog than a cat?

Better to keep a dog than a cat? How do you think?

Better to keep a dog than a cat?

Raising a cat and a dog can be quite different in several aspects, including their care, behavior, training, and lifestyle. Here are some key differences between raising a cat and a dog:

Independence vs. Dependence:

  • Cats are generally more independent animals. They are often self-sufficient when it comes to grooming and using a litter box.

  • Dogs are more dependent on their owners for various needs, including feeding, exercise, and bathroom breaks.


  • Dogs can be trained to follow commands, perform tricks, and adapt to various situations. They are more trainable and responsive to obedience training.

  • Cats are less trainable than dogs and may not respond to commands as readily. However, they can still learn basic behaviors and litter training.


  • Dogs are social animals and often require regular social interaction with people and other dogs to stay happy and well-adjusted.

  • Cats are more solitary by nature and may be content with less social interaction. They tend to form strong bonds with their owners but may be more independent.

Exercise Needs:

  • Dogs generally require regular exercise and outdoor activities to stay healthy and prevent boredom. The specific exercise needs vary by breed.

  • Cats need exercise too, but their requirements are usually met through indoor play and access to toys, scratching posts, and climbing structures.

Space Requirements:

  • Dogs, especially larger breeds, often require more space to move around and play, making them better suited for homes with yards.

  • Cats can adapt well to smaller living spaces like apartments since they don’t need as much room to roam.


  • Cats are meticulous groomers and typically keep themselves clean. They may need occasional brushing to prevent matting.

  • Dogs vary in grooming needs depending on their breed. Some dogs require regular grooming, while others have minimal grooming requirements.


  • Cats are obligate carnivores, which means their diet primarily consists of meat. They have specific dietary needs, and it’s important to feed them a balanced cat food.

  • Dogs are omnivores, and their diet can include a wider range of foods, including meats, vegetables, and grains. The specific dietary requirements vary by breed and size.

Bathroom Habits:

  • Cats use a litter box for their bathroom needs, which should be kept clean and scooped regularly.

  • Dogs need to be taken outside for bathroom breaks, regardless of the weather, and their waste needs to be picked up.

Travel and Boarding:

  • Dogs may require more planning for travel and boarding, as they often need to be accommodated with outdoor exercise and socialization.

  • Cats are generally more adaptable to travel and boarding situations due to their independent nature.


Some people may have allergies to pet dander. Cat allergies are often considered more common and severe than dog allergies.

Personal Experiences

My previous kitten was very good-looking, had a good personality, was very obedient, and was also very clingy. But its drawbacks are also very obvious, and it is also a natural habit of most cats, so everyone should take a careful look and don’t pay for their impulsive behavior like me.

1 The most unbearable estrus period!

It’s really unbearable when it comes to estrus. Because of that, I couldn’t sleep well all night, which made my nerves weak and my head explode. At this time, cats bark almost every night, loudly, sharply, and inaudibly. Occasionally, it will wake you up or urinate in the middle of the night after you fall asleep. During the estrus period, cats have a particularly strong urine odor, and almost urinate at all areas. After urinating, the odor cannot be washed away. You can only throw away the sofa. The wardrobe is full of its urine odor also. Imagine returning home exhausted every day, shoveling feces for it, and turning around to see urine everywhere on your makeup table. I really have a headache.

I don’t beat or scold, they don’t know when they’re wrong, they may even hold grudges! Of course, if you can’t bear it, you can take your kitten for sterilization, but many sterilized cats still have the habit of urinating, so keeping a cat is like winning a lottery.2 shedding

Cats lose their fur during the changing seasons, especially during the coldest three or four months, especially in spring, summer, and autumn. They also lose their hair, especially in spring and summer when they fly from home to abroad

2 shedding

Cats lose their fur when seasons changed, which is the coldest for three or four months. They don’t lose their fur in spring, summer, and autumn, especially in the spring and summer seasons. They need to change their bedding and covers frequently, and they also need to brush their fur and makeup. Hair is everywhere on the table! It’s really difficult to take care of and over time, I don’t often care about it anymore. Occasionally, when I drink water, I get used to drinking clothes with hair on my cup. I don’t dare to buy black clothes. When I buy new clothes, I need to put them away immediately, otherwise if I throw them anywhere, they will soon get hairy! Sometimes in a hurry to go out, it’s too late to brush your hair. People with cleanliness tendencies have to hide away when they see you. It’s really embarrassing.

3. Grinding claws and teeth

Cats have sharp claws and like to scratch and sharpen their claws everywhere. They still scratch hard. Previously, the bed cushion in the rented house was made of leather, and it scratched it badly. In the middle of the night, when I heard it scratch, I pulled it away even when I was sleepy. I bought a bedside cover, but I didn’t use my claws. The deep curtains were also damaged by it. However, the curtains were my own, so I didn’t pay any compensation. Now grab at home, the sofa and bedside are all covered, and it grabs it towards the bottom of the bed. Unable to stop (with cat scratch board). My data cable and headphone cable, buy one bite at a time. Before, it was still biting when I was charging and sleeping. I woke up in the middle of the night with an electric shock, and the sheets were scorching hot. It also bit three of the original headphone cables. I deliberately gave it the old one to bite, every time it tried to bite my new one. Grab it from under my pillow and bite. I really can’t bear more.


Better to keep a dog than a cat? There is no exact answer to this question, and it needs to be considered in conjunction with personal factors.

It’s important to note that individual personalities and needs can vary widely among both cats and dogs, so the experience of raising a specific pet can differ from the generalizations mentioned above. Before bringing any pet into your home, it’s essential to research their specific requirements and consider your own lifestyle and preferences to ensure a good fit for both you and the animal.

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