Benefits of keeping pets

Benefits of keeping pets. What is the benefit of keeping pets? It supports you with its life and accompanies you for a lifetime!

The benefits of keeping pets go beyond these:

1. Pets are natural emotional regulators. Spending 15 to 30 minutes with cats and dogs, or watching swimming fish, can reduce stress.

2. Stabilize blood pressure. A study suggests that playing with pets can prevent children from developing high blood pressure.

3. Reduce cholesterol. Keeping pets can help reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

4. Pets are beneficial to the heart. A 20 year study found that people without cats have a 40% higher heart disease mortality rate than those with cats. Another study found that keeping a dog can improve the survival rate after a heart attack.

5. Treat depression. Most pets tirelessly listen to their owners’ confidences.

6. Reduce the probability of obesity. Walking the dog for 30 minutes a day can achieve the minimum standard of moderate exercise and lower the risk of obesity.

7. Fitness partners. Working out with pets can be a win-win situation, such as using cats as dumbbells or practicing yoga with dogs.

8. Cats have a calming effect more than other animals, promoting blood circulation and reducing the risk of stroke.

9. Promote interpersonal communication between individuals and reduce loneliness.

10. Reduce allergies in children and enhance immunity.

11. Keeping cats can prevent childhood asthma.

12. About one-third of dogs can smell changes in certain chemicals in their owner’s body and issue warnings before their blood sugar drops sharply, allowing the owner to replenish food in a timely manner to avoid danger.

13. Dogs can relieve patients’ tension and other excessive emotions, and are commonly used in psychological therapy.

14. The cancer of cats and dogs is very similar to that of humans, and research on cat and dog cancer has great practical significance.

15. Treat children with ADHD. Playing with pets in children with ADHD can promote sleep and enhance confidence.

16. Treatment of childhood autism. Being with pets can stimulate children’s senses of touch, hearing, smell, and enhance their attention.

17. Walking a dog can strengthen bones. Walking a dog helps to receive more sunlight and increase vitamin D in the body.

18. Stretching with a cat can prevent arthritis.

19. Alleviate rheumatism. Taking walks or throwing frisbees with pets can help alleviate rheumatism.

20. Calm down the mood of critically ill patients.

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