6 behaviors indicate cat lonely

  • 6 behaviors means a cat is lonely
  • 6 behaviors means a cat is lonely
  • 6 behaviors means a cat is lonely

6 behaviors indicate a cat is very “lonely”!

1. Always sleeping

Although cats sleep most of the time, why do cats sleep? It’s not because it’s too boring. The owner is not at home and no one plays with him, so he can only rely on sleep to consume time, hoping that the owner will come back when he wakes up.

2. Often staring out of the window

If your cat feels lonely, it will often look at the outside world from the window because there may be cars, people, birds, or other cats passing by, and the cat can still pass the time.

3. Run around and go crazy at home

When a cat is at home, if it feels lonely, it will also find things to do on its own, and the most common thing is that it likes to run around at home. If you find a cat going crazy and running around at home, it indicates that it is very boring, which is why it amuses itself and plays.

4. Always meowing is one of 6 behaviors indicate cat’s lonely

Cats who lack a sense of security are likely to keep meowing. Especially when the owner wants to go out to work, the cat will bark, hoping that the owner will stay with it and not go out. Some cats will still lie prone at the door.

5. Likes to bite things

When a cat feels lonely, it will bite randomly because it is boring, has nothing to play with, and feels stressed. The cat will vent its suppressed emotions by biting something. Suggest the owner to prepare more bite resistant toys for the cat to relieve boredom.

6. Sleeping in your bed

Some cats feel lonely and will go to sleep in their owner’s bed. This is because there is the owner’s scent, and the cat will feel at ease when smelling it. If your cat always likes to sleep in your bed when you are not at home, this is also a manifestation of its loneliness.

Thoese are all 6 behaviors indicate cat’s loneliness.

What to do with cat’s loneliness?

Build a sense of security

Cats are animals with strong sense of boundaries, creating a certain amount of private space for them will make them more secure and comfortable. You can place a high cat climbing frame for your cat at home. Cats love to stay high and can fully satisfy their proud and charming attitude of overlooking all living beings. Alternatively, prepare a closed cat house where cats can hide and give it a unique space of their own.

Play more with cats

For cats, the host is their world, but many hosts may overlook their companionship due to their busy schedule. Cats who lack companionship and interaction for a long time may become increasingly withdrawn and not close to humans. So it is recommended that the excrement removal officer allocate at least 15 to 30 minutes a day to interact and play with the cat.

A cat tower for observation

Small animals such as birds, insects, and fish have a natural attraction for cats. However, You can place a small hammock next to the window for the cat to lie comfortably on the hammock and watch the birds outside. Or install an ornamental fish tank and raise some colorful small fish and shrimp. This fish tank is a cat’s TV, which can let it pass its leisure time.

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